Method statement of Vinyl Tile

Installation Instruction for HKFloors Vinyl Floor Tile

A. General Subfloor Preparation

Subfloor preparationmust be checked and applied for HKFloor’s whole items.

Subfloor condition must be checked and prepared to suitable condition for every floor covering. The flooring contractor has responsibility for floor covering only the subfloor condition is suitable condition to install the floor coverings. The local regulations regarding subfloors and the floorcovering installation must be complied with.

A.1. Subfloor preparation prior to tile installation

The subfloor must be absolutely level, dry, hard, smooth and structurally sound. It must be free of cracks and other irregularities and must not be contaminated with paint, plaster, oil, grease or any other substance which could affect adhesion. Cracks must be filled with an appropriate material.

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