OA Steel Raised Floor

Steel raised floor XL 500 x 500 x 28mm

Surface                                                                                              Bottom

Xiangli steel raised floor for intelligent buildings:

These kind of raised floors with dimension 500*500*28 are specially designed for easy layout in intelligent buildings. The outside of the raised floor is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet, that is, the top is superior cold rolled steell, and the bottom is superiorly deep-stretching cold rolled steel sheet.

Advanced spot welding technical structure is applied to the top and bottom of the raised floor, and in the middle is filled with lightweight cement special ingredients developed by with Xiangli. In this way, the finished products feature high strength and durability. The surface of raised floor can be covered with various PVC or carpet tiles, making the appearance clean and beautiful, facilitating the cable layout.

The supporting system is a structure with special designed aluminum head pedestal and the superios steel sheet bottom, the four corner-lock holes and aluminium head pedestals are directly locked stably, which makes position high accurate, raised floor flat, structure simple and installation easy. After completing installation, all kinds of cables can be distributed and maintained as long as lightly lifting pannels, so it is safe and convenients for users in process of using.

OA Intelligent building Raised floor and Anti-vibrate Pedestal System

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