Method Statement of Raised floor

1. Preparation: Unify structure and drawings
•    Receive detailed design drawing of equipments on the floor, position of socket and equipments, detailed design drawing of bulkhead, glass door have been approved by the Investor. Combine with the designer to review all outstanding problems and propose solutions. 
2. Step 1: Clean of the entire cement floor system
•    With the Investor's technical staff  conduct acceptance of the site before construction.
•     Carry out cleaning the remaining materials on the floor, brush and remove the stains and scatter that have been hardened on the cement floor, Which ensure the floor before construction without harmful chemicals for the technical floor system.
3. Step 2: Determine the necessary height of the technical floor system
•    Take measurements, mark the height on the bulkhead or wall.
•    The foolproof of floor after being determined which will be marked ink in order not to be changed during the construction process. The determination of the floor’s the foolproof must be suitable for the height of the building, well serving the equipment on and under the floor. In order to ensure that the systems under the floor after construction which not be affected by the floor height and that the floor maintains air circulation under the floor.
•    For the doors position to reduce the foolproof of the technical floor, the optimal solution is to install additional buffering steps by machining the finishing angle bar in wood.
4. Step 3: Divide the cell and define the stand locations:
•    Once the designed height has been determined, the stand will continue to be positioned by dividing the box directly on the floor and marking the ink so that when glued to the stand, the stand position will not move. The base is divided according to the structural shelf is 600x600mm.
•    Attach the base to the concrete floor with JECC Group's specialized adhesive, not using the screw method.
•    Alignment of the floor to the required height will be accomplished by increasing or decreasing the base flange through the stand's flexible threaded system.
5. Step 4: Install the horizontal support system:
•    The horizontal support bar evenly distributes the bearing capacity of the slab and suppresses the movement of the system. After gluing the base with adhesive, we will proceed to install the horizontal supports, in accordance with the standards and structure.
6. Step 5: Install the floor plate
•    Installation of the floor plate system will be carried out after the finishing of the base and horizontal support bar has been completed. For full-width sheets, place directly on the stand and support bar 
•    For cutting panels due to room size which will be applied with anti-termite adhesive and if there is a wall contact, a foam tape should be inserted to avoid direct contact with the wall.
7. Step 6: Complete floor system
•    Install floor board and completing by placing the specialized aluminum gasket or plastic gasket.
•    After the installation of entire floor, we will proceed to get flat and check the circuit board system last time before handing over to the investor.
•    Clean the floor before handing over to the Investor. If the floor has a finish that is PVC composition, it must be cleaned, polished and stretched to create inertness for the floor, increasing the abrasion resistance and load resistance for the board.
Click here to download a detailed instruction file on how to install vinyl roll flooring

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