overall thickness      2.0mm/2.5mm

widthm×length                         1820mm×9m

others                              Antibacterial Finished / Highly Durable UV-Coated Surface

JIS Registered No.

No. GB0506143 GB0610001 (JIS A 5705 Vinyl Sheet Flooring)




Net Weight

50.8kg/roll (2.0mm) 63.9kg/roll (2.5mm)


 Adhesive from TOLI

dried mortar and concrete

Eco Royal Cement, Eco AR600

humid mortar and concrete

Epo Gray ST, US Cement, US Cement (less-smelly), US200


US Cement, US Cement (less-smelly), US200

Welding/Seam Finish

Welding rod for heat-welding is available on a color-by-color basis.

JOINT SHIELD method (JS Method) by TOLI JOINT SHIELD is also applicable.






Notes on Installation

Seams should be heat-welded or finished with TOLI JOINT SHIELD.

TOLI JOINT SHIELD can also work on the top of TOLI UNDERLAY SHEET, but when partial weight will be put on the floor (such as heavy stuff or casters), the seam joints should not be finished with TOLI JOINT SHIELD.

When you install 2 different sheets, each edge should be jointed at the seam. (Do not cut in the middle of the sheet.)

For one week after installation, direct sunlight, sudden change of temperature due to air conditioning, and water washing should be avoided.

Please do not use the urethane adhesive other than US Cement, US Cement (less-smelly), US200.

As the sub-floor material, the underlayment like TOLI UNDERLAY SHEET (page 298) is also workable. Apply the same ad- hesive for both upside and downside of the underlayment. Please note that the durability to dynamic load will be degraded when you install with the underlayment.

When you install the sheet in the places where rollaway beds are used (e.g. a patient room of the hospital, a living room of the welfare facility and so forth), the epoxy adhesive such as TOLI Epo Gray ST or TOLI Epo Gray S and urethane adhesive such as US Cement, US Cement (less-smelly), US200 should be used even if the humidity of the sub-floor is less than 8%.


Way of Maintenance

from TOLI

No need to apply the maintenance wax on the surface. Clean the floor every day with an auto scrubber or a wet rag wrung out tightly. Use the detergent for fixed contamination.

Even if the wax is applied on the surface, it does not affect the quality of NW series.

For a large facility, an abstergent auto scrubber is more recommendable.

High speed buffing should be avoided. Otherwise highly durable UV coating will be abraded.




At the entrance of the building, the dust control mat should be laid in order to avoid soils and sands from outside.

To prepare the floor which is durable to rolling loads, please fully check the combination of the sheet and the sub-floor, the adhesive, and the loads. For instance, when the sub-floor is too weak, the sheet might be destroyed from underneath.

Please be aware that some rubber casters might cause color-contamination.

Please note that the product has the indigenous odor from its materials.










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